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Everybody knows that musician Sergey Voronov (The CrossroadZ) is an ardent collector of guitars and hats. Turns out he has yet another burning passion – drawing. Lack of paper and pencils is not an excuse for being lazy. One can draw with anything and anywhere once inspiration is there. For example in a restaurant. “If after meal you feel nothing but heavy – then you’ve either eaten something wrong or in the wrong place,” Sergey says, ”but if food was cooked with love and eaten in pleasant ambience – it stimulates imagination.”
Then a completely different but not less creative process starts: ÑREATION OF ARTLEFTOVERS.

Image-1  “SALAMANDER”: profitteroles, chocolate sauce, cream sauce.
Image-1  “Coffeemania” Moscow

Image-2  “LITTLE GNOME”: sturgeon cartilage. Boat in St Petersburg

Image-3  “ROSE”: what was left of a sandwich, green herbs and tomato.
Image-3  “Jean-Jacques Cafe ” Moscow

Image-4  “HACHAPURIMAN”: hachapuri, olives, tomato. “Dom”

Image-5  “BUST”: ketchup. “Wernesgruner Bierstube” Berlin

Image-6  “BUTTERFLY”: pancake, red caviar.
Image-6  “CoffeeShop” at Frunzenskaya Embankment, Moscow

Image-7  “CROCODILE”: spinach cream sauce. “Cafe Pushkin” Moscow

Image-8  “FAT FANTOMAS”: strawberry sauce. “Rush Hour Cafe” Moscow

Image-9  “Evenings in the Ukrainian village”: rice, veal, cream sauce.
Image-9  Restaurant “Cah D’Creus” Spain

We would like to thank all the friendly restaurants and clubs of the capital for their help in making this publication. Those who would like to invite Mr.Voronov please contact DE I.


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