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DE I #19-20: Public solitude


Text and photos: Maxim Masaltsev

Juozas has got shiny expressive eyes, and no glasses can ever hide his rare gift to soliloquize without words. One of the best actors of the Baltics and a member of the Lithuanian embassy, Budraitis meets reporters with a grin. DE I learns about a stolen Zenit camera, a hot rye crow and a woman on a sand diet. This is what happens when you try to start a formal talk about the cinema.


DE I: Have you ever been lonely?

  Yes. When lying in a hospital. Could not move for three months lying on my back in a corset. It was awful, and bad thoughts would appear. I got into a very serious accident. During the filming of "the Last Relic", an Estonian film, I fell into a precipice together with my horse. I was only saved by humor. There came a mustachioed surgeon, he looked into my locker, asking where the cognac was. I immediately tell my wife to bring a bottle in, as we should be giving some to him. The second time the surgeon came, I opened the locker and said: "Here, doctor, brandy for you." He stamped his foot at me like: "It is you who has to drink cognac. Fifty grams every day!" So I had to drink. There were 28 guys lying in the same room with me, and they all would shout: "Pushkin, how are you? Got cognac?" I did not shave there, so my whiskers grew to resemble Pushkin's.


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