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DE I #18:


Text and Photo: DE I

As the Great Jamamoto Tsumimoto, the author of Khogakure, wrote To win a victory over the world you need to win a victory over yourself. Georgy Aistov, ideology of the ART of WAR project, is sure that this slogan is particularly apt for modern Russia. This is why DE I decided to support the project and participate in the Exhibition held in the State Museum of the East.

The Exhibition proved to be multi-faceted as, according to the organizers original idea, it must show not only samurais weapons and armour that lucky collectors might acquire Sothebys and Christies auctions, but it also should reveal the inner world of the Samurai whose ideals have been preserved in their descendants memory.

The organizers have been preparing the project for several years, meeting experts, talking to galleries and collectors. To enter and understand the samurai world turned out to be much harder than it was originally considered. Moreover the greater part of the exhibits never reach Sothebys, but rather disappear into private collections where the owners are devoid of a burning desire to boast about their precious acquisitions. By hook or by crook, the organizers still managed to collect about 200 unique exhibits.

Among the most significant of these are the white temple swords providing world with peace and protection. They were never used for battle, but instead were brought to the Temple for adoration. There is the famous killer-sword of the master Muramasa, unique in the history of Japanese weapons which was forbidden to be born by anyone for nearly a whole century. Worthy of mention also are the amazing screens and blinds of the famous artists and samurais; the rare collection of bows and quivers; and, of course, the armour of the daima (the superior officers) of the famous clans.

To better understand the mentality of the Great Soldiers of the Country of the Rising Sun the organizers put massive effort in relation to the multimedia maintenance of the Exhibition. The Exhibition will visit all the larger cities in Russia. Exhibition producer Georgy Aistov promises that every next exhibition will be improved and perfected in keeping with the slogan of the Exhibitions official partner LEXUS (with its super concept car) states the slogan "The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection".

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