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DE I #14: From the Editor

ROKSOLANA CHERNOBA  from the editor

The events surrounding the raising of the new St. Michaels bell at a small church in the heart of Moscow on Briusov Pereulok unraveled like the script of a film, reminding many of those involved of the closing scenes of Tarkovskys Andrey Rublev where, just as the huge bell is struck, a young boy cries uncontrollably in the arms of a monk because he had lied to save his own life, claiming to know the secret of how the metal was capable of delivering such an other-worldy, far-reaching sound. At the time, the message of Tarkovskys film reinstated the genetic connection between our everyday lives and our history, restoring the courage to connect the past with the present, and to look beyond the now into an uncertain future.
With similar levels of emotion here trepidation mixed with delight the first peal rang out from the new Saint Michaels bell confirming that the great masters who had created this modern day, utterly timeless messenger of the gods had managed to preserve their skills and secrets despite the silence of the past 100 years.
The recently published diaries of Tarkovsky Passional there are no secret formulae for how to create a work of cinematic genius, or how to cast a church bell, but there are several very true words written about how the resonances of any of our intentions, especially those of a spiritual nature, reach much further depending entirely on our own level of self-awareness, our knowledge our ourselves. We hope that the new St.Michaels Bell will amplify those resonances beyond the centre of Moscow, beyond the limitations of time.


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