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DE I #06: Editorial. Roksolana Chernoba

ROKSOLANA CHERNOBA  from the editor

Not to lie is as much a test of strength as to produce Yevgeni Onegin at the Bolshoi.
When one does not lie ones stock skyrockets beyond ones wildest dreams.

We all sell something:
Tzyu sells his name,
Leshek sells his cognac and his dream,
Gerasichev sells your own deeds, yet he will not guarantee success.
Mamonov is to be bargained with since he is both one of us and yet does not belong here.

Somebody has bought the Territoria festival. What a nice gift.
Every second millions of transactions are closed.
The wave of a conductors wand sell wholesale.
Bulatovs paintings? Those are strictly retail.
Mozart enjoys a steady demand.
Domestic movies are seeing an increase in demand.
People will pay just about anything for certain issues of DE I.
When people wont bend backwards to put their hands on a copy
We get upset more than when we are not loved.
They say one must fight for ones love and that the rest will take care of itself.
It could be true.
However there are no friends or foes in the Land of Love.
There, everyone is everyone elses mentor.
Where love, despite everything, is not a guarantee of pure bliss and harmony,
The mentors choice is an attempt to set oneself against Eternity.

We find one another and, as we do, many things become priceless.

There is something that one will never sell for as long as one remains
In the Land of Love

© DE I / DESILLUSIONIST 06.  Roksolana Chernoba. From the editor

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