DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #03 : Jani Christou and His Crash Sheet Music DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #03 : Editorial. Roksolana Chernoba DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #03 : Biophonics: The Power of Divine Vibrations of Voice DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #03 : Polunin. Who Needs Working if Miracle Does Not Happen DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #03 : Vincent Durbak. Jewell Tunning DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #03 : Baroque girls:  Deborah York, Lydia Teuscher, Anna Bonitatibus DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #03 : Table Of Contents DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #03 : Menegetti. Two Morals of Wisdom DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #03 : Give Zholdak Back DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #03 : Events 2006. We at DE I would like to mention DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #03 : The New Guinean Experience DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #03 : The Apocalypse of Geidar Dzhemal DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #03 : Piano Casa of Peter Aidu

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DE I #03: The New Guinean Experience

The New Guinean Experience

Devoid of the art of diplomacy, the aborigines do not follow their emotions. If a Karawai killed a Kombai, the Kombais have to kill a Karawai, or else his kith and kin have an advantage in the jungle. The mass murder is a foreign fact, existing only in the world where we are from.

The burial of an enemy is solved by eating him. Every healthy being in aboriginal values is food.

Indonesian administration does not approve cannibalism, but no-one listens to them, as the Indonesian soldiers with their peace-making raids caused a lot more trouble than aboriginal communities cause to each other.

Men and women do not bother each other as their duties are separated, and after work they rest at different bonfires.

In the course of the day, a man may change several penis-holders (kateks, the necessary male attire), including the one that serves as a man purse.


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