DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #01 : Catharsis: Dmitry Cherniakov DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #01 : Koulik is a Tender Bird DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #01 : Table of Contents DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #01 : Sasha Manovtseva. The Bolshoy Theatre DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #01 : Angel of Nostalgia: Theodor Kurentzis DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #01 : In Credible Alexsander Ponomarev DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #01 : Priceless Paper. MI-MI Moscow DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #01 : Editorial. Roksolana Chernoba DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #01 : The Keeper of the Crusaders’ Island DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #01 : Vlad Mamishev-Monroe DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #01 : Project Human: Antonio Menegetti DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #01 : Panaiotis Merekos. A Voice in the Desert

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DE I #01: Vlad Mamishev-Monroe

Vlad Mamishev-Monroe

The author of numerous trendy photo and video projects, he is known by his provocave transformations. He has walked across Moscow as Bin Laden, visited Baden-Baden casinos as Dostoevsky. He has once been impersonating Chaplin and Hitler at the same time, not to mention Christ and the Buddha, Lenin and Napoleon.
He is sure that the future of Humanity is in the change of gender roles, and the feminine impersonations are probably his best: his Marilyn became his personal label ever since he played her as a starting ideologist of glamour trash.
Since school, he has been issuing a hand-written magazine based on his actual initials, M.V.Yu. A childish hobby, once he never quit it, turned into a point of attraction of private collectors, “crazy millionaires” – every new issue now rates at $XXXX ( ... )


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