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DE I #01: The Keeper of the Crusaders’ Island


Interview with Duke of Naxos, Nicholas Michel Lorain Telavias della Rocca Barozzi. The holder of the family tower turned into a museum (accordingly, Rocca Barozzi Tower) in the Greek island of Naxos, he tells about how strange it is to be a Count in the modern world.
The descendant of crusaders who once took Constantinople, and Counts of Burgundy, he tells about traditional upbringing in a royal home, and the way the nobility survives in the time when cloak and dagger are no more productive and necessary attributes, but what still matters is self-esteem, dignity, and ability to respect others.

One of the unique, last representatives of his noble family, in effect a living memory of the Middle Ages, Nicholas is very modern and sociable. He organizes festivals in his Tower, and he and Rocca Barozzi Tower are probably the sole reason why people who once visited the island, get back to it again and again, and why you may definitely wish to visit the island of Naxos.

The center of 5 000 years old highly developed Cycladic civilization, in Classical Greece Naxos was the domain of Ariadna and Bacchus. In Byzantine times, it was the place of the holy men, among them the native of the island St Nicodimos the Aghiorit. The Rocca Barozzi Tower and its holder communicate it to even richer lore of the Crusaders and their Holy Grail ( ... )


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