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DE I #01: Sasha Manovtseva. The Bolshoy Theatre

Sasha Manovtseva.  THE BOLSHOY THEATRE

photo: Sasha Manovtseva and “ART LIBRIS” Ltd 

Shooting Ballet is like shooting roses, or, say, kittens in a basket.
In photography, same as in painting, there are many stereotypes.
Task number One, for me, was: to avoid both extremities of “making it beautiful” and the reportage style; because those methods of shooting could not transmit my sensations of the magical world I had entered…”

Was it really done well or not? Quite often, the artist is not the one to understand this.
The photographer starts to tell stories about how nervous she was, and how
she was taking pictures of those buttons which also, in her opinion,
belong to BOLSHOY.

Sasha Manovtseva has not just succeeded in expressing the ambience and her
personal view of BOLSHOY THEATRE.

There is something else caught in her pictures.
One can see art itself; art,
which is cold, incomprehensible, dark, frightening and cruel
… and fantastically beautiful.


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